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Solutrades Master Painters can guarantee waterproofing membrane for up to 10 years!

When building or buying your next home, cladding should be high on the priority list.

Think of the cladding like your skin—you want to protect it. The cladding is going to provide your home with protection from the harsh New Zealand elements, ensuring that you have the right cladding is going to help with the comfort and health of the home. Ongoing maintenance also needs to be considered.

Houses from 1990 to 2004

From 1990 to 2004 saw rapid popularity in monolithic plaster cladding houses being built. Unfortunately, there were no requirements for a ventilation channel. Changes to the building code allowed untreated timber frames to be used. The change in the code meant that plaster cladding was fixed directly onto untreated timber without drainage and a drying cavity. Water then became trapped, slowly the untreated timber rots.

Solutrades Master Painters 101 on waterproofing!

If you have an older monolithic cladding system on your house and you have concerns about weather-tightness, you can check for signs of darker colouration along the bottom edges of the cladding that may indicate moisture soaking up into the cladding.

If you are concerned about your monolithic cladding system, it is recommended to have this professionally checked.

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